Free Posters!

We are offering these posters by Nora Wildgen free of charge to get the word out and advance the cause. Please post them in your windows, at your garden store, at your kid’s school, everywhere you find fellow gardeners! We ask that you respect the artwork and illustrator’s intentions by not changing it in any way.


This version contains the message, “Bee Swell! Insist on No Neonics When You Buy Your Plants and Flowers. “Neo-nics” are invisible and highly toxic pesticides found in 70% of nursery plants sampled* and hurt all our garden friends.”

Click a thumbnail to see a downloadable/printable PDF.

Full Color Garden version
Misty Garden version
Miz B version

pink flower by Nora Wildgen

Poster by Nora WildgenOrganics Message

This version contains the message, “When you buy organic, you protect our pollinators”.


For Me? poster by Nora WildgenColor a Poster!

This black and white coloring book version is perfect for our small budding gardeners.